I’m really sorry to tell you, that I stopped the World Cup app for the World Cup 2018. I’m really sad about it, because I invested 8 months of hard work to develop this app. I created the design, thought about a concept and which data is interesting for you. I made a large marketing concept and it worked. I got 500.000 installations.

Everything worked fine, until the beginning of the World Cup. The World Cup started and my backend system crashed. 🙁 I tried everything to solve the issues and made a lot of updates (Maybe that was the problem) and on sunday I had a working solution for most of the users, but a lot of others rated the app very bad or marked it as span (maybe because I had to remove some functionality temporary).

I still don’t know why, but Google blocked the app in Play Store. I really have no idea, because they send only a general email. So I had also to remove the ads from the app and without ads, I can’t pay the servers and so I decided to stop them. It was one of the hardest decision in my life, because I spend so much time in each detail and I know that most of you liked it as well. Now I don’t know what to do. I invested so much time and money in this project and in 5 days everything is gone. I’m really sad and frustrated and I don’t know what to do now.

I know that some of you still use the app to get some information beside of the live-section, like history or venues or some other facts. And maybe you are interested in future projects and apps from me. Maybe you want to support me to create an app for the EURO 2020. Then you can support me here:


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Born in Poland, grown up in Germany. Finished study in Internet & Web Science and works as a project manager for e-commerce. Four years ago he firstly implemented a World Cup app for Android. With this idea, the WorldCupYeah! project was born. Enjoy it.

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